6 Hot Trends In Hotel Tech

The hotel industry is brimming with exciting opportunities to harness cutting-edge technology. Jordan Hollander is the founder of Hotel Tech Report and in this exclusive interview discusses the unique operating model of hotels, the challenges this presents for innovation, and how to transform hospitality into a lean-to, data-driven organization. In particular, we cover the use of technology to streamline guest services, increase revenue and better utilize existing infrastructure. You’ll learn how to make your business more data-oriented and how using technology can create greater operational efficiency.


In part two, we will dig deeper to explore

how to change the customer experience from a long-term stay to a quick one. We will examine how to utilize technology to streamline services, increase revenue and better serve guests. The goal of every hospitality operation is to create a great customer experience, so we’ll discuss the use of social media to provide guests with real-time updates and information. We will also explore how to improve guest service through the creation of an integrated technology strategy. Lastly, we’ll explore how to capitalize on technology to improve the business model and create greater profitability. The result is always making your guest experience better and more enjoyable and by leveraging technology to streamline services you are taking a holistic approach to your guest service.


Hotels are always looking for new ways

Adapting to ever-changing market trends and technology is a critical ingredient in helping them get ahead. Jordan Hollander and his team at Hotel Tech Report have identified five critical areas where technology has the most impact; namely supply chain, scheduling, hospitality, analytics, and retail. In this article, we look at adopting technology in these key areas to help hotels adapt and compete in today’s market.


Supply Chain: Technology companies

have an important role to play in improving the supply chain. They can offer hotel tech companies direct solutions to improving efficiency and reducing errors. They can also partner with existing businesses to develop new business models and deliver improved solutions to their clients. They can also provide training to management and help them develop new business processes for managing the supply chain. Technology companies can be active participants or co-participants in developing new business strategies for improving the hotel tech strategies.


Scheduling: Integrations are another area where Hotel Tech

is playing a leading role. There are several opportunities for integrations across categories. The most common opportunities are travel and leisure, food and beverage, and gaming and gambling categories. As Hotel Tech grows its leadership role they can consider integrations with PEOs, SCM, CRM, supply chain, analytics, retail, and special events. For more details on these topics see the link below.


Analytics: integrating hotel management software

is also an area of growing interest among tech companies. As the focus shifts towards managing the guest experience, staying on top of guest preferences will become increasingly important. Tracking demographics, assessing preferences, influencing behavior, and helping to create brand experiences are critical areas of Hotel Tech investments. Future focus areas include:

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