Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Body Armor

Body armor has become more important in today’s society because it can help people defend themselves from serious injuries in case of a real physical fight. People must know a little bit about the history of body armor before they decide to invest in it for personal use. Historically, body armor was used by both the armed forces and the police force to protect their personnel from injury in the line of duty. In recent years, this type of protective armor has been made available to the general public, but the market for body armor is quite saturated with many products. This means that it can be difficult to choose the best armor product.


Body armor was first developed as a solution to protect soldiers

in the line of duty. As time passed, various types of body armor were created and were used by various government agencies. The US Army still uses body armor as a requirement when applying for new combat soldiers. Most of the body armor products available in the market today were originally developed for the military. If you’re a consumer who wishes to purchase body armor for personal safety, you must first have an understanding of the three basic types of body armor to select the right armor for your individual needs.


One of the most popular types of body armor is the bulletproof vest.

Bulletproof vests are vests that offer high-velocity protection and high-angle protection against sharp objects. They’re commonly used to protect knives, firearms, and other potentially dangerous items. Although these types of body armor do not offer much protection against most rifles and handgun fire, they do provide a level of protection against high-velocity projectiles. These are commonly used by hunters and security personnel.


Bullet resistant vests

are also manufactured using different types of materials including high-density polyethylene or HRT, which is also known as Density Closed Cell Foam, and Low-Density Polyethylene or LVF, which is also called Nylon Lycra. These materials protect different calibers of firearms and different threats present in the line of fire. Another popular type of body armor is a bulletproof vest, which is usually made of high-density polyethylene or sometimes polypropylene material. This type of vest works well with rifles and handguns and is ideal for those who travel and camp a lot.


Body armor can also be used in civilian clothing

and is commonly worn by police officers and security guards. There are two types of protective vests – front and rear impact protection vests. This type of vest protects the wearer by deflecting the force of bullets and other objects that are fired at it. This is a lot more reliable compared to bullet-resistant vests that only work when the target is hit. Some officers prefer wearing both types of body armor because it reduces the chance of one’s vest being damaged after being hit by multiple rounds of ammunition. This reduces the amount of damage, which could compromise the value of the police officer’s uniform and shield.


Body armor is also needed

by those who are working in places where they are vulnerable to attacks by firearms and other objects. They provide a way to protect their body against shrapnel and other objects that are fired at them from a close distance. Most police officers and guards wear these vests in their patrol vehicles, as well as on their helicopters, trucks, and motorcycles. There are currently vests that are being developed that can resist high temperatures and can work in water, even. They are being developed by different companies, but the current models are still not too effective yet.

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