Community Features That Enhance Properties

What are Apartment Amenities?

Apartment amenities are non-essential or unique services or feature available only to tenants. Basically, you could think of anything other than the basics of a decent apartment unit as an amenity. Because low-quality appliances would typically do the same job anyway. It’s just a matter of replacing them with the best brands and/or options available.

Some apartment amenities would include a doorman, a pool, a gym, a fitness center, a dog park, a restaurant, or a coffee shop. The first two would seem like they would help apartment living in terms of convenience but, honestly speaking, do they really add that much value to the property? For some people, owning their own home has more to do with giving them pride in their residence and social setting than with making it a nice place to live in.

apartment amenities are available at a premium in home communities

For others, a lot depends on how far away from the town center or workplace one is. Many apartment amenities are available at a premium in home communities such as those in the mountain environment, resorts, and gated communities. These are usually called resort-style amenities. A resort-style apartment has large kitchens with full-service restaurants, 24 hour front desk support, and large well-appointed complexes. The appliances and countertops are of a higher quality, as are the overall dimensions of the units.

Apartment homes in these communities tend to have a lower resale value than comparable apartments in apartment communities that don’t have resort features. Another example of apartment amenities in a resort-style community is the presence of laundry facilities (in addition to a full service club). Apartment amenities that are less than desirable for apartment homes in the suburbs include high-rise kitchen and laundry rooms, and fewer choices in decor and personal style.

Apartment property managers

Apartment property managers often offer package lockers and have “package” policies that give them exclusive rights to new tenant leases. In apartment communities, many of the apartment amenities offered by property managers can be enjoyed by resident tenants, but they are not available to non-residents or prospective buyers. Many property managers are also very enthusiastic about organic waste disposal, recycling, and the use of “green” cleaning products. They encourage residents to use these environmentally friendly practices and to subscribe to a property management newsletter that promotes these practices.

Most apartment owners are aware of the apartment amenities offered by their community features and want to maintain those features and provide them to all potential renters, whether they are residents or prospective buyers. For those who are looking for a luxury apartment, an apartment community offers everything a person could possibly need for living in an apartment–a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, custom hardwood floors, private parking, an abundance of outlets, a fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, an entertainment room, a library, a den, and a second bedroom. The majority of luxury apartment amenities are provided at a cost, and there is little or no cost associated with these activities. However, in order to make up the difference in the costs associated with the amenities and maintaining the property, community features such as fitness centers and outdoor grills must be maintained.

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