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What Are the Main Differences

Between Level 4 ICW Body Armor and Other Vests? Level 4 ICW Body Armor is designed to meet the highest standards of ballistic vest protection available to law enforcement personnel. The level of protection is determined by an intensive five point test process involving three different areas of the body. This includes the vitals, the peripheral and the underlying structure of the person being protected. This is the reason that the material used in this product is called the toughest, most rigid and durable on the market today. The thickness of this vest can be up to fifteen times stronger that the traditional vests used for protection.


When it comes to law enforcement

there are many important factors to consider when looking at purchasing bullet resistant vests. One of the most important features is the level of protection provided with the ICW body armor. This vests level of protection is an extension of the basic jacket grade vests and bullet proof vests. It offers extended coverage and protection for the upper body as well as the lower body.


The vests protective capabilities

go beyond those offered by standard jackets and protective vests. The ICW level 4 icw body armor features a reinforced jacket and multiple armor-piercing rounds. The armor is made of heavy gauge six point polyethylene material that provides a much higher level of protection than the traditional NIJ standard. The material used also makes this bulletproof vest resistant to impacts from hand held weapons, firearms and high caliber ammunition. It is resistant to tear and abrasion as well as the effects of hot and cold weather.


Along with offering higher protection

through a more advanced design, another advantage of this level 4 icw body armor is the soft armor. This soft armor penetrates through softer body tissue at a much greater rate. It is capable of defeating handgun penetration and has the ability to penetrate various hardness grades of armor-piercing rounds. It has the ability to resist expanding or contracting as well as shrinking when a vest is punctured or otherwise damaged.


Some of the other attributes of

this level 4 icw body armor is the extended coverage and protection. The vest provides an advanced level of protection by including a liner and sleeve that covers the entire protective area. This allows the innermost layer of armor to be completely bulletproof. Additionally it includes various pockets to carry other items like a communication device or knife. It is also lined with ballistic nylon for added protection and comfort.


When comparing the Level 4 ICW body armor protection

to that of other types it is important to note that the material used does not stop shots. It only adds to the stopping power of the armor-piercing rounds. However, it is the wearer’s intent to stop the shot that adds to the armor-penetration capability of the vest. This means that the vest adds to the protective capability of the wearer but does not stop the shot.

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