Does Eating Chocolate Protect Your Health?

Chocolate – the sweet confectionery that tantalizes the taste buds of everyone! Chocolate is a healthy dessert preparation of the ground and roasted cacao beans, which is usually made into a liquid, powder, or an ice cube, which can also be employed as a flavoring element in other dishes. Chocolate can be found in a wide range of food products including cookies, candy, chewing gum, candy bar, chocolates, chocolate sauces, desserts, pies, fruit punches, milkshakes, ice cream sodas, and also in other beverages.


The bad fat or fats that are contained in chocolate include regular palm oil

Chocolate has a high level of dietary fiber, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients that make it a very good healthy snack food. However, the high level of saturated fat that chocolate contains can be harmful to your health. The bad fat or fats that are contained in chocolate include regular palm oil, dairy products like cheese, milk, and butter, palm kernel oil, hydrogenated oils, peanuts, and refined sugar. Most of these saturated fats are derived from the cocoa bean’s oil.


Good quality cocoa contains about 90% of the cocoa

Cocoa beans vary in their quality and you should only buy high-quality cocoa solids to ensure that the chocolate is as pure as it claims to be. Good quality cocoa contains about 90% of the cocoa solids with the remainder being water. This means that the chocolate may not have as much chocolate flavor as advertised, but that the cocoa solids are mostly water. High-quality chocolate brands that are produced by top cocoa growers will be able to give you the most authentic and purest chocolate possible. You should never substitute lower-quality cocoa solids for the more expensive ones as the chocolate may lack the right cocoa aroma and flavor that you desire.


improve blood circulation and decrease LDL cholesterol

When buying chocolate, be sure to check the label which will indicate what kind of coating chocolate is used, and the ingredients it contains. All good brands will use cocoa butter, which is a natural saturated fat. Cocoa butter has been proven to improve blood circulation and decrease LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) while preventing clumping of the blood platelets, which can cause stroke or heart attack. It also helps in removing accumulated cholesterol in the arteries by dissolving it and transporting it to the liver for disposal.


the light cream and dark baking chocolate

There are two kinds of cocoa butter products available in the market; light cream and dark baking chocolate. Both contain high cocoa content but dark baking chocolate has a higher cocoa butter concentration. Both are mixed with milk, sugar, and other ingredients to create a consistency similar to other chocolates. The light cream version is usually lighter in texture and is usually used in baking. Both cocoa butter varieties have high antioxidant contents which prevent cells from aging and help in maintaining a healthy skin tone.


fats can increase the risk of these diseases

When the consumption of chocolates is reduced, the presence of these fats may cause health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and type II diabetes. This is because these fats can increase the risk of these diseases. People with a higher risk of these diseases are at high risk of developing these diseases. So, now you know that eating chocolate may not only help you lose weight but also protect your health. Just remember that too much of anything is bad even if it is good for you. Consume chocolate sparingly while you are still in the stage of developing age as it can do more harm than good.

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