Green Public Transport – Buying Eco Friendly Public Transportation

The advantages of green public transport are so numerous, it’s become a mantra for many environmental advocates. It’s no surprise really, after all, if you value the environment and want to help preserve it for future generations, then going “green” is the obvious choice. Just consider how much fuel, electricity, and emissions waste a typical vehicle creates on average each year. Not only that, but the carbon emissions created by vehicles and their exhausts are one of the leading causes of global warming.


aking the extra steps to drive less and use public transport more efficiently

Of course, there are lots of different ways to go about using green public transport. For example, there is a huge range of non-motorized options available, such as cycling and walking. However, when you’re planning your trip, you can make a big impact simply by taking the extra steps to drive less and use public transport more efficiently. This won’t just save you money in petrol and emissions, it will also make a major difference to the carbon footprint you leave. So what are some of the ways to make public transport greener?


By driving fewer miles

One of the most straightforward ways to make green public transport work for you is to drive less. It doesn’t have to be a massive sacrifice of your time and energy, but reducing your annual mileage by five hundred is an opportunity you should seize. In the UK, where annual mileage averages about 3 miles per hour, this can translate to saving you about twelve hundred grams of carbon dioxide per year, or about forty liters of petrol. Of course, there are other factors to take into account too. If you live in a country where public transport is often cheap or comes with bargain-hunting discounts, then you will save even more.


By buying sustainable products and using reusable bags

You are making a real difference to the world around you. Even if you aren’t traveling, your actions can still help reduce landfill waste. Several manufacturers now produce environmentally friendly products so that buying from them means you are not only promoting green public transport, but you are also helping to reduce the amount of rubbish produced in our global society.


buy more eco-friendly products

Green public transport can also be achieved by buying recycled products and buying from businesses that have a recycling program. Again, you don’t have to choose a particular company to buy from. However, it is often worth joining a local group or buying goods from a shop that has signed up to the ‘Compact for Cleaner Public Transport’ to be able to buy more eco-friendly products.


reduce your environmental impact while traveling

There are lots of ways that you can make green public transport more efficient. So if you want to reduce your environmental impact while traveling, then start by looking at how you get about your daily commute. From your car to the bus and train, there are many ways you can make your public transport trip greener, and you’ll be doing your part to save the planet for future generations.

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