how Ace Entrepreneur works?

How Can Ace Entrepreneur Programs Have a Positive Impact on Student-Athlete?

Ace Entrepreneur is a network of small business owners who have a vision for entrepreneurial success. The idea behind Ace Entrepreneur Club was to create a community of small business owners to share ideas, experiences, and learn from each other. Ace Entrepreneur is now available in over 80 countries around the world, helping members get help when it comes to establishing and running businesses. In this article, I am going to go through the basics of how Ace Entrepreneur works.


To start, what is an Ace Entrepreneur Club?

An ACE Club is a network of entrepreneurs who share the common goal to start a business by using innovative marketing strategies. It provides its members with new ideas, access to information, and access to training whenever they are ready to expand their ventures. For the last two years, the idea of starting an African student-athlete program was a hot topic among members. The members wanted to use the experience of participating in the Ace Entrepreneur Club to help them promote their program locally, attract athletes, and create a positive difference in the lives of many young people in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.


With the assistance of several agencies and resources

the idea to start an African student-athlete recruitment tour was able to gain momentum. To facilitate this, Ace Entrepreneur created a website with all the necessary information to conduct the tour. This allowed members to share information on the facilities and equipment that would be used during the tour, as well as communicate with each other. By using social networking websites and forums, the idea to create a positive change in the lives of students caught in the middle of poverty was able to spread like wildfire.


Next, organizers made contact

with local universities and colleges to promote the event. They were able to persuade the administration to co-operate with them. Once this was done, all they needed to do was to secure funding for the project. With the money, they were able to hire coaches and trainers. With the right facilities, they were able to provide their participants with everything they need to succeed in the field. From uniforms to sports gear, there were all the things necessary for the students to reach their full potential.


It was important to note that this wasn’t a “one-time” program

As a part of Ace Entrepreneur’s core curriculum, the students are taught how to market themselves through several different marketing approaches. Through this, they can create a positive impact not only on the student-athletes themselves but on their peers and other individuals who may become interested in the sport. The overall goal is to introduce kids to this exciting and competitive sport. In turn, they will discover a passion for the game and lifelong friendships have been formed. All these are the outcomes that any program hopes to achieve.


This is just one of the many ways

that Ace Entrepreneur programs can positively impact student-athletes. From the athlete’s perspective, it is important to note that these programs enable them to understand the importance of being approachable. They learn to be welcoming to coaches, vendors, others in their sports community, as well as anyone else who comes their way. This encourages the student-athlete to make the best of their talents and maximize their potential while simultaneously building confidence and following in the footsteps of their competitors.

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