How to Take Care of Your Dog

dogs too need certain vitamins and minerals

Dogs can get all of the nutrients they require from high-quality, commercial dog food available in most pet stores and supermarkets. Plus, they can consume human food, too (although they can’t and shouldn’t eat all forms of human food), which is a different story entirely. Nonetheless, every reliable professional dog-care manual warns against the risks of overfeeding your dog. It’s crucial to teach these dog care tips to every dog owner to prevent your dog’s health and happiness from being ruined by eating things that are not fit for human consumption.

Like humans, dogs too need certain vitamins and minerals in their diet. This is why feeding your pet commercial dog foods may work. However, if you want to maintain the best health, nutrition and emotional well being of your pet, it’s always best to take care of your pet personally – by consulting a veterinarian and getting a reliable pet care manual that tells you everything you need to know about taking care of your pet. Here are some tips from leading dog care professionals that can help you become more knowledgeable about pet nutrition.

ideal diet for your dog consists of a wide variety of meats

First of all, your dog will need special vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy. For example, an important nutrient for puppies is a B-complex vitamin, which helps to build up their immune system and maintain proper nerve function and joint condition. A dog bred to be a herding dog or one bred for agility and obedience must also be fed a diet that consists mostly of cattle and sheep proteins because these kinds of proteins have the necessary amino acids that your dog needs to grow properly. And of course, an ideal diet for your dog consists of a wide variety of meats, including chicken, beef, turkey and lamb, as well as dairy products, grains, fruits, vegetables and snacks.

In terms of exercise, your dog does not need to run on a treadmill or cycle; in fact, for dogs with stamina issues, physical activity is not an essential part of their daily exercise routine. You should allow your pet to go for short walks, play fetch-type games and swim whenever the weather allows. Long walks are not a good idea because you are encouraging your dog to develop an excess of fat, while swimming is not an appropriate exercise for obese or heavily-weighted dogs. If you live in an apartment or condo, however, you can always take your pet for long walks outside in the sunshine. Just be sure to keep your dog leashed, especially during hot days.

Sometimes simple adjustments on your end can make a huge difference

The proper diet for your dog also includes the right amount of dog food. It’s important to read labels carefully, since some dog foods contain harmful additives that can damage your dog’s health or cause allergies. Look for food that has a complete list of ingredients and an Animal Approved symbol on the label. Good dog foods will provide the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, as well as being free from artificial preservatives, allergens and toxins.

Your veterinarian may also suggest certain vitamins or supplements that you can give your pet. Be sure and take care of your animals as best you can. You don’t have to take care of every need of your pets, but they are a part of your family and deserve to be treated with respect and care. If you ever suspect that your dog isn’t feeling well, talk with your vet about it. Sometimes simple adjustments on your end can make a huge difference in how well your dog lives.

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