Reduce Your Energy Bills – Green Technology Will Reduce Your Energy Bills

It seems strange that there are some who feel that energy suppliers are too willing to compromise on the carbon emissions that they produce. Yet these people are obviously in denial of climate change. If the UK’s energy suppliers had produced the same amount of carbon emissions as coal then the electricity bill would be lower by up to 40%. If we do not reduce our use of non renewable energies then in the next 25 years we will double the amount of carbon emissions that have been produced from the burning of fossil fuels. We must therefore acknowledge that energy providers have a responsibility to their customers to make sure that the carbon emission levels do not rise.

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There is little that can be done to stop energy suppliers from using carbon which is known as a greenhouse gas. Governments should take action to introduce carbon reduction measures. They should ensure that there is a fair and equitable price for carbon and that this price is paid by consumers. If these measures are not introduced, then it is likely that the prices for energy will continue to rise. The energy market is currently based on the assumption that prices will continue to rise. This is not a sustainable scenario.


The way in which energy suppliers to determine their prices is based on fossil fuel prices. They will often buy cheap carbon and emit it into the atmosphere when they generate electricity. However, this does not mean that energy suppliers are ignoring their carbon emissions. They are actually obliged to buy cheap electricity from coal suppliers and emit this into the atmosphere. Therefore, they are indirectly responsible for climate change.

In order to reduce the amount of carbon that they produce and emit into the environment, energy providers need to implement carbon reduction strategies. These strategies could involve developing new technologies or finding more efficient ways of producing energy. A Carbon Pollution Reduction (CPR) assessment certifies that an energy scheme has passed its test and is now a green energy scheme.


In order to meet the Paris targets for reducing carbon emissions, there needs to be a movement to introduce legislation at a governmental level. An independent Energy Bills Review Commission should also be established. This body would examine the efficiency of different energy alternatives and suggest the most cost-effective options. It would then oversee the use of these alternatives. The Energy Strategy Reform Act 2021 would allow for the House of Commons to refer bills for review to the Select Committee on Energy backbench.

It is important that people start to look for more efficient ways to produce energy. It is also vital that we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We should develop green technology and reduce the energy costs associated with it. If we implement some of the recommendations from this report, energy prices will come down. Those who are interested should begin to investigate how green technology can reduce their energy bills.

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