Taking The Help Of An Attorney Is Key In A Custody Battle

Handling a Custody Battle

Can be very stressful and nerve wracking for any parent. Knowing what will be used against you in court and evading those issues from the beginning can really save you a ton of time, heartaches, and money down the road. You need to get organized and know what you are up against. When you’re fighting for custody of your child or children, being prepared is the best thing you can do. Keep reading to learn the top mistakes to never make when you’re going through custody battles.

Never show up to court without all your paperwork with you. Many parents who are defending their custody battle, try to demonstrate to the court that they have all the documentation they need. While this is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have all the answers in the custody battle. This is why it’s so important to gather all your information before you show up to court. By doing this, you will have a completely clean slate when you present your case to the judge.

The judge will not accept any agreements made during this part of the process

Never discuss child custody during a divorce. If you do bring up this issue during a divorce, chances are that you are trying to get more visitation time or other type of agreement for your child. Always keep this issue out of child custody battles.

Don’t ever try to contact your former spouse during your child custody battles. If you contact your former spouse during this time period, you run the risk of getting into another custody battle. It will be extremely difficult for you to get any cooperation from your former spouse if you attempt to do this at this point in the process. If you want to continue to have contact with your spouse, it may be best just to give them a heads up and wait until after your case is over and done with.

Don’t use social media during your child custody battles

It will be extremely important for you to keep calm and remain patient throughout your child custody battle. You want to remember that this is a battle that you will ultimately lose. When you are in heated arguments with the judge, don’t make it personal. The judge does not care about how upset or mad you are as long as you remain peaceful and follow the proper procedure for court proceedings.

Social media can be a great way to stay connected with your ex-spouse while at the same time raising awareness for your case. However, this is about much more than just keeping in touch. Social media can also be used to convince the judge that you are not a safe candidate to take the child custody case. So, in essence, you are better off avoiding social media altogether during your case.

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