The 4 Must Haves When Choosing a Home Contractor

A home contractor is someone you may have to hire one time or another for various projects around the house

However, not all contractors are created equally. There are contractors who take advantage of people who need their services, using various tricks to get more money from homeowners who really don’t need the work done. Before you hire a contractor, take the time to look over the following tips to help you learn how to choose a contractor who will give you great service and good value for your money.

-Caveat: Be careful what you agree to with your home contractor. Always select a reliable, reputable contractor who can do the work in a timely fashion without compromising quality. Be picky, understand options, have several options, and be sure they are covered adequately. Whether you’re looking to have your entire home windows replaced, a new roof installed over your garage, a pool installed for the summer or any other project.

research a home contractor who you can truly trust

-Change Work Orders: One of the most common schemes used by unscrupulous contractors is to change work orders mid-contract. As soon as the project has already been started, most contractors will try to get another job, allowing them to keep up claims and keep making high profits without having to pay for work they didn’t do. Always read over your contract before signing on the dotted line so you have an idea of exactly what you’re agreeing to. You should also demand to be informed of any changes to the scope of work, whether they are permanent or temporary.

-Income: Ask a contractor for their total yearly income. This includes their regular fees as well as the income from commissions. Don’t be fooled into thinking that large contractors only make six figures. Most people working with contractors live in modest incomes. Ensure that you know exactly how much they earn and don’t accept any figure they give you without investigating it further.

Don’t hire a contractor until you have a contract

-Work location: It goes without saying that a good contractor works in the right place at the right time. If a contractor is reluctant to show you his work location or seems lax about showing you where he does the majority of his work, it may be time to re-evaluate your contractor. This doesn’t mean that if you like their style of landscaping in the front yard that they are the right fit for your house. Ask for references from past jobs and see how these contractors perform. You want to be sure you aren’t hiring a candidate that won’t be able to meet the demands of your home’s roofing needs.

-Hire a Pro: Many of the best contractors are willing to work with a new home homeowner through the entire home remodeling process. While you might think this would be a hassle, it actually provides a great opportunity to learn more about your contractor and to negotiate the best design possible. Don’t hire a contractor until you have a contract and an estimate of how much the project should cost. This includes not only the materials and labor involved but the design as well. You can hire a contractor to do the entire job from start to finish without hiring a designer to come up with the design plan.

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