the most iconic Japanese martial arts weapons

The History of Samurai Wakizashi

Samurai Wakizashi, also known as Katana, is one of the most iconic Japanese martial arts weapons. One of the most popular stories about Samurai is the one where the warrior meets his death by allowing himself to be cut down by one of the enemy soldiers’ blades. In the Samurai Wakizashi, a samurai is trained to handle a single-edged weapon, usually a sword, and is well-known for being brave and impassive in battle. The blade itself is very powerful and used to quickly and easily penetrate soft tissue. It has many different types of extensions that are attached to it for different styles and purposes.


The main difference between a Samurai Wakizashi

and a typical western cutlery knife or other similar item is its handle. Samurai wakizashi are longer and heavier than traditional cutlery knives and are traditionally kept on the hips instead of on the belt. A Samurai wakizashi usually weighs between one and two pounds. Some have been known to weigh up to four pounds.


In addition to being physically much stronger

Samurai wakizashi swords are also made from a material that is much more durable than Samurai blades of the same weight class. Samurai swords are created from a hardwood tree, and it takes several centuries for a tree to become strong enough to be used as a weapon. Samurai swords are also forged with a “Hamon” which is a small piece of metal attached to the butt plate of the weapon. The Hamon makes the weapon more rigid and strengthens the blade. This gives the Hamon a definite edge over other wakizashi swords when they are compared side by side.


Historically, Samurai swords were only allowed

to be carried in the hands of samurai warriors. Samurai warriors from Japan’s feudal Japan had to use authentic Japanese swords, not copies of foreign or replica samurai swords. Each sword was treated with extreme respect and protection from moisture and humidity. Samurai warriors always carried their swords at the side of their bodies. In times of battle, they would slash at their enemies with their weapons in an attempt to cause as much death and damage as possible.


Samurai wakizashi were also used as a form of flailing

to throw enemies back or to penetrate enemy lines to open up attack opportunities. Samurai warriors used their swords as clubs to bash enemies into submission. When they were in a hurry to escape from a battle or a particular confrontation, they would thrust their katana straight through their opponent’s chest to cause massive damage. Samurai warriors carried their katana with them as part of their personal defense equipment.


Today’s Samurai Swords are still forged

of the finest high carbon steel found in Japan. They are made by the same skilled blacksmiths that have created Samurai swords for thousands of years. Each weapon is individually hand-blasted to insure the blades are well balanced and strong. The handle of the Samurai Sword must be sturdy enough to withstand the physical force with which it is carried. And the blade itself must be perfectly square with the handle for a proper grip and balance.

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