tips on how to avoid corneal scarring

How to Avoid Corneal Scarring Caused by Faulty Contact Lenses

Modern-day contact lenses are now pretty safe to wear and retain, unlike before. Still, it is always important to be careful of certain precautions when you eye contact or plan to be one in the future. Remember that swimming with your contact lenses isn’t really advisable. In fact, you should keep them away from the water even at your own pool.


One thing you have to remember

is that swimming with your contact lenses may damage your eyes. So, first of all, you have to make sure that your eyes are very clean before you go swimming. You can do this by using your simple tap water test. Simply dip a tiny amount of water on your hands and wait for a bit to see if there is any discoloration on your hands. If there is, then chances are that your contact lenses are not properly maintained and may be suffering from some form of damage. And since swimming is an activity that requires a good oxygen level, wearing contact lenses while you’re underwater is not really the best idea.


The next possible problem that can occur to a contact lenses wearer

is called dry eyes. Dry eyes happen when the thin layer of the corneal surface is damaged and is not able to properly absorb the moisture from the eye. This can lead to itching, burning sensation, and discomfort to a contact lenses wearer. To avoid this problem, the best thing that you can do to avoid dry eyes is by frequently cleaning your eyes. A simple, wet nap will do wonders to help you keep your eyes moist and lubricated enough, thus preventing dry eyes.


Another common problem

that is experienced by contact lenses wearers is called corneal frosting. Corneal frosting usually happens when you don’t follow the proper procedures on how to clean and care for your lenses. Corneal frosting can be caused by the accumulation of proteins and moisture on the corneal surface because of not taking good care of your lenses. And one of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by ensuring that you have a cleaning solution ready just in case this happens.


Another issue that can cause dryness and irritation

is caused by bacterial infections. Although these are considered fairly harmless, they can still cause considerable discomfort especially when they involve inflamed eyes. It is advisable for contact lenses wearers to regularly wash their hands with soap and warm water to try and prevent the entry of bacteria into the cornea. It is also advisable for contact lenses wearers to change their eye solutions now and then. These simple steps will surely make it easier for you to avoid frequent contact lens maintenance.


If you’re experiencing any issues

with your eyes like excessive dryness, irritation, corneal scarring, and inflammation, it would be best to seek a solution first before making any drastic measures such as surgery. It is highly recommended for you to consult an optical specialist or optometrist first before trying any self-medication remedies. They are the best ones who can give you advice regarding how to deal with different issues with your vision. Although there is no exact cure for corneal scarring, there are several ways for you to deal with these issues so you can get back to having clear, healthy eyes.

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