what are the Symptoms of a Pre-Eating Gambling Addiction?

Symptoms of a Pre-Eating Gambling Addiction

Gambling is one of those activities that are universal. Since gambling has been one of the earliest ways people utilized to entertain themselves, it’s also no wonder that it spawned creativity out of its fundamental business industry. That s especially true when it comes to arts and literature, painting, and even comic books. In many ways, this spontaneous activity has helped mankind out tremendously.

As much as this activity may have its roots in human nature

gambling can be controlled, planned, and implemented depending on a gambler’s personal choice. Gamblers can choose to gamble according to the number of losing tickets they have, their personal skill level, or the amount of uncertainty they feel before placing their bets. These are all personal choices but the effect it can have on a gambler can’t be altogether ignored. There are numerous ways for gamblers to get into trouble and end up doing time in prison or jail. To avoid such unfortunate events, a lot of gamblers employ the services of an expert gambler who can in turn assist them in winning the wagers that they place.

One of the most common ways that a gambler gets

himself into a tough situation is through the use of “jokes”. Gambling experts say that the best way for a gambler to keep away from trouble is to bet on a joke that makes you laugh and feel comfortable in winning the bet. The strategy that is usually employed by professional poker players involves using jokes to make other players laugh so hard that they fold their cards. This is known as “card-shuffling” which works remarkably well.

In a recent experiment conducted by Michigan State University

a group of students was asked to play a game of online slots and a group of non-gamers. The players who played the online slots won 20% more often than the non-gamers did, proving that there is indeed a correlation between humor and gambling. In fact, the non-gambling players were actually more tense and worried about failing than the gamblers, who apparently were “enthusiastic” about winning. Thus, jokes can be quite helpful in winning bets especially if the right kind of jokes attract the audience that will be supporting you in your casino gambling endeavor.

Another thing that may lead a gambler to commit a mistake

is by betting far more than what he can afford to lose. This is usually what happens with gamblers who are not enjoying the game and are more interested in winning money than in actually playing the game. Thus, if you are planning to go out for a gambling spree and have a small amount of cash with you, do not risk more than you can lose because if you happen to lose all of your money, you will end up in jail under the Gambling Enforcement Act. Hence, never go beyond your means and only bet what you can afford to lose.

The last but not the least symptom of pre-existing gambling addiction

is to take on activities like drinking to calm down from the excitement caused by the presence of the so-called “bags of money”, the so-called money shots, etc. It is natural for gamblers to have the urge to gamble when they feel excited but there is no need to take the risk of actually losing all the money that you have in your pocket or bank. Drinking alcoholic beverages to dull the effects of the excitement caused by a heavy bet can be a bad idea as drinking alcoholic beverages is not at all healthy. So the best thing to do to deal with the problem of gambling addiction is to keep away from the things that can lead to excessive gambling such as casinos, bars, and so on.

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