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Why Should You Take Up Canoeing?

Canoeing has been one of the most popular leisure sports for many years, but it has only gained in popularity in recent years. It’s certainly no longer regarded as a hobby confined to fishermen and boaters, but has developed into a suitable sport for all skill levels. Indeed, canoeing has now developed into a suitable sport for many equestrians and so can be enjoyed by people of all ages. So why should you take up canoeing?


Canoeing is a very simple sport. It’s an activity that involves simply paddling a canoe using either a one-stranded or two-strand paddle. Common associations with the word ‘canoeing’ are also related to the water itself – hence the common meaning of the word, canoeing. However, the sport of canoeing can take many forms and, depending on your skill level, experience and equipment, there are various types of canoes suitable for different styles of riding and paddling.

The sport quite literally means ‘water’ in English, so canoes do indeed make very good pets! They’re a great way of getting around a rural area as they don’t need to be towed and are fairly light (often less than 2t will be manageable). They’re also a good choice for young children to get into the sport without the financial investment and can even be used as a teaching aid to help young people learn the basics of riding. And although they aren’t particularly fast, they do tend to travel at a fairly steady speed and won’t put too much pressure on the back, making them ideal for kids learning how to canoe.


If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated then there are many options available. Stand up canoes are quite modern and offer a bit of a challenge, though obviously not as much as a traditional rigid canoe. Canoes with more contemporary graphics are also becoming more popular, though they may not suit those people with more sensitive skin. A rigid canoe offers better control and stability, but is far larger and heavier. In terms of speed and handling, they’re ideal. And there are many styles to choose from, which should mean there are many different classifications within the sport of canoeing, making it quite easy to find what suits you.

Because it’s so similar to water skiing, canoeing can also attracts some great skiers. If you’re looking for a slightly easier way to enjoy the sport then skis might be a good option for you. There are many classes available to teach you how to ski, and there are also lots of manufacturers that produce skis specifically for canoeing. Skiing also offers a great opportunity to get out and about and socialize with other canoers.


There are many reasons why people take to canoeing. The sport itself is relaxing and is good for the body and mind. You’ll get plenty of exercise, as well as a great outdoor experience. For a new sport you’ll also need to make sure that you have the right equipment, as canoeing requires the use of a wide range of equipment.

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